Our Story

It was 1986, a year full of change and growth for Al Going and Rich VonFeldt. After learning the ropes of fire and security systems, they decided to go from just being friends to being company partners. This meant, no more just thinking about their dreams but actually living them out. It was an exciting step. Like any start up business, there were hurdles that had to be crossed. The first was deciding where to work from? Al’s home became the “workplace”, which as you can image was not their first choice, but you do what you got to do. After 21 years of looking at Al’s walls, they decided they needed a change of scenery. They packed up their entire business and moved to Rich’s basement, all while continuing to give top rated service to their current and new customers. It required a lot of multitasking.

On a nice fall day in November 2002, Rich’s daughter, Amy Evans married Brandon Evans. Neither Rich nor Brandon knew that this would not only be the day Brandon tied the knot with Amy, but also the beginning of a lasting relationship with Trident. In 2007, Rich and Al hired Brandon Evans to be their engineer. This was a turning point for the company. It meant Rich and Al could one day retire, but not before completing a number of tasks that would secure the company’s future. One item was the concern of branding their van. Should they do it? Money was of course a worry, but after saving for a while they took the plunge and the Trident Security logo was painted on their work van in 2010. It was a proud moment.

George McDonald once said that, “To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved”. As many of you know one of the biggest struggles in a business is finding a good accountant; you have to have someone you can trust with your life, or at least with your books. For Al and Rich, her name was Roxie Eicher. She joined the team in 2012. They were lucky to find someone who had the experience they needed, as well as the fortitude to work in a basement. In the years to come Roxie became the glue of the company. Meet her and then you will understand.

Not too long after Roxie started, Rich’s son, Aaron VonFeldt, joined the wild bunch. He came on as project manager for the fire division, his leadership skills would later land him the position of Vice President for the company. Through the years Aaron has shown a great work ethic, as well as devotion to this company. We are grateful to have him aboard.

The biggest change for the company happened at the end of 2012, Al retired. Although we felt a loss, we were happy for Al. It meant he could focus on his love for fishing and volunteering at the American Legion.

‘Boss’ is a word you use to address the man in charge. In January 2013 that man became Brandon Evans, President of Trident Security. Brandon took the position in stride, taking on all the responsibilities and the paperwork that comes along with the title. One of the biggest decisions Brandon and Aaron made was to move into an official office on Longmont’s Main Street in 2014.This location gave them more opportunities to grow as a company; within four years they hired an additional 15 employees. It was a spectacular takeoff. As a team they gained more than 1000 customers, provided access control as an add-on for installs, and hit multiple company goals.

Rich is a man of compassion, loyalty, and commitment to hard work. The word “retire” is not something he can fully claim just yet. Although we got him to semi-retire in January of 2017 (so that he could enjoy some of his hobbies), you will still see him alongside our techs, helping and teaching them; giving them the knowledge he has gained through all his years. Rich is one of a kind. We are thankful that he and Al decided to start Trident Security.

With every story there is heartbreak, ours was when Al had passed in November 2017. At the memorial service, we were all there in our black Trident gear, representing the hard work Al and Rich had accomplished together. We strive to be there for each other every day; we are family.

Here we are in September of 2018 moving again, to a much bigger and better office. This move will bring on new goals and commitments for our employees, as well as new opportunities for our customers. We will strive to be a company the community can rely on to be there when needed. Trident Security, founded by two amazing men, is now a team of 20 professionals who are ready to keep the company’s name alive and growing. It’s been a long journey from Al’s house and Rich’s basement, and this beautiful new location will provide us with an exciting place to begin the next stage of the adventure.