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Like most areas of the country, Colorado requires that a fire inspection be completed on an annual basis for all single and multi unit business and manufacturing facilities. If you have had an inspection done with us before, we keep record of when it was completed, as well as a copy of the report. You can set up an annual inspection by calling 303-651-7371 or emailing

    The Fire Inspection Process

    Your inspector will arrive, locate the panel, and put your system into a test mode along with the monitoring center. The inspector will do a visual assessment of the panel to make sure it is functioning properly, and that the monitoring information is legible.

    1. They will need access to the WHOLE building, so please notify any tenants that there will be there testing!
    2. The inspector will sound off the horn and strobe system first for the minimal time allowable, which is between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on the size of the building. These are the only loud horns that will be sounded throughout the test. The smoke alarms and panel will emit a beeping noise for the duration of the test.
    3. Next, they will hit the “Silence” button on the panel to make sure that function is working properly. If everything works properly, they will discontinue the horns and strobes.
    4. The inspector will then move on and trigger all the devices connected to your panel. They will then go through the panel history and make sure all the devices tripped properly.
    5. The next step is testing the batteries in all the devices. The inspector will replace the ones that need it.
    6. Batteries are required to be changed every 3 years in Longmont, and every 5 years in other jurisdictions.
    7. Once all the devices have been tested, the inspector will make sure the following information is inside the panel:
      • AC panel location and breaker number
      • Monitoring account and the phone number the customer would call to put on test.
      • Anything unique about the location that is helpful to someone else that may do the inspection next year.
      • The inspector will then fill out a Fire Inspection Tag and fill out a NFPA inspection report.

    The inspector will hang a tag on the panel with the details of the testing done, and a copy of the report will be mailed and emailed to you.

    Common Questions

    Is this a fire drill?
    You are more than welcome to use the annual inspection as a fire drill, but nobody is required to exit the facility during the inspection.

    Are fire extinguishers part of the annual inspection?

    We can also test fire extinguishers during the inspection, we just need to know about them beforehand. At 6 and 12 years, the extinguishers need extra service done, which can be provided by Ampro, our preferred supplier.

    Will the alarms sound during the inspection?

    Yes, but only for about 5 to 10 minutes. The panel itself will emit small beeps for the duration of the inspection. Please let your tenants know the test is happening and that the alarms will sound briefly.